The monolayer tile, TILESTONE, is made with cement, crushed marble and high quality raw materials; it is manufactured by a vibro-compactation system; resulting in a natural tile, suitable for demanding indoors and outdoors both domestic and commercial.

The entire thickness of the tile have the same properties, due to the materials' high compactation its strength and hardness are uniform, that is, after many years TILESTONE can be refurbished with minimal polishing, obtaining the same finish that it had at installation.

The manufacturing process allows a full range of mineral colors and offer several finishes; honed, polished, bush hammered, rush and patterned tiles or pavers (on demand).

Available sizes: 33,3 x 33,3 cm. / 33,3 x 66,6 cm. / 41 x 41 cm. / 60 x 60 cm.



All our models have different finishes: polished, honed, bush hammered and rough.


Skirting, steps and special pieces on demand available for all series and models.


TOPSTONE is manufacture from quartz stone, which gives the stone an appearance of great elegance, equivalent to a natural stone.

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