ETERNIA pavement placement can be performed in two different ways according NTE / RSR for terrazzo rigid pavements:

Supplied tiles, to be placed on fresh mortar will have a water absorption of 3% approx. to ensure the best grip for this form of placement.

In both cases, to ensure good adhesion and good distribution together is essential to follow the instructions as NTE / RSR (Standard Building Technology) and CTE (Technical Building Code)

The pavement Eternia is identified with its production traceability code, which must be followed when placing, in order to avoid differences in tone between batches.

After installing the pavement will extend an initial slurry of cement, colored with the same color as the tiles for grout. This slurry is sparse to allow into most of the joints.

For factory-finished material, the joints are filled with grout the same color of the tiles, trying not to stain the surface of the part and removing the remains as soon as possible.

For finished material on site, once placed the pavement shall be a initial slurry. Subsequently apply a second slurry, this time more dense, covering all joints in its entirety. Once dry remove any remnants of it and cleaned the surface.

Then proceed to polishing and finishing of the pavement as specifications for work and CTE (Technical Building Code)

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